Terms and Conditions

The legal relationship governed by these terms and conditions starts at the point when the User fills in a test on the Server and pays a fee for provision of results of the test. By sending the payment for provision of the results of the test, the User accepts the Terms and Conditions.

The user has the possibility to gain the results of their IQ test through the website, whereas the level of intelligence quotient is calculated on the basis of the user’s answers to questions contained in the IQ test. The website operator makes an effort to provide users with as precise results for the IQ tests as possible as well as the maximum accessibility and usage of this web page. These IQ tests have been developed under the leadership of experts and academics from the area of research and measurement of intelligence, and the IQ test results should determine the approximate level of your intelligence quotient. When using this website and related web pages, the user agrees with the below-stated Terms and Conditions. The website operator is entitled to change or amend the Terms and Conditions any time, at his discretion.

The user acknowledges that the website operator uses cookies for the identification of the user. Cookies are usually switched on in the browser, but the user can switch them off within the settings of the browser. Switching off or denying cookies may however lead to the restraint or restriction of the use of the services of this website.

Should the user also be interested in obtaining a certificate with the displayed IQ test results, he/she needs to fill in his/her name and surname which will be contained in such certificate as well as his/her email address to which the certificate will be sent. These data serve only for purposes of creating and generating the certificate. They are subsequently deleted and are neither further stored nor used.

Any and all information contained in these web pages is provided to the user only for his/her own usage and information purposes and the user acknowledges that the IQ test results does not have to be totally precise. The IQ test results shall not in any event replace a medical check or consultations and testing by a psychologist. The user is aware of the fact that the website does not have to be always available, especially in the case of software or hardware defects. The user shall bear any and all liability for the usage of this website and shall take over all risks which might be connected to usage of this website.The user agrees that the provider can send business messages to his/her email.

The website operator shall not be liable for any damages and risks connected to the use of information which the user obtains on this or any related web page.

Neither the website operator nor persons cooperating with him in the maintenance and development of this website shall bear any liability for any direct or indirect damages, loss of profit, or loss of business.

These web pages are industrial property and its graphic layout as well as logos, texts, and other content shall be protected by industrial property law, in particular by the Copyright Act. These web pages are possible to use only for the purposes of finding the approximate level of IQ and obtaining the certificate.

The user shall pay the provider for provision of the results of the test.Prices for our service and/or products are subject to change without notice.We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time.

Payments for obtaining the IQ test results are standardly not refunded since the service is provided immediately. The user obtains the results of his/her IQ test immediately after the payment is made, and therefore the user revokes his/her right to withdrawal from a contract. In case of any technical problem with our server or any other justified reason, contact us via email at the email address: help@iq-society.com and if your claim is accepted, we will refund your payment.

When making a payment, the user acknowledges that the purchase price might be influenced by current exchange rates between relevant currencies. A credit card provider or a bank institution may also charge fees for foreign conversion and fees which might increase the price for purchase of the IQ test results.